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covid 19 symtoms and precoution

99 name of allah

Benfite. Of. Royal. Jelly


Local Gyms Offering Unique Fitness Opportunities In Queen City REGINA -- Fitness seekers in Regina are taking advantage of two unique opportunities in the city. Warrior Flow Fitness has been in Regina for two and a half years, offering a gym session best compared to a kettlebell workout combined with yoga. Participants use a mace to perform both tight and free-flowing movements. "If you ever need to twist and turn your body or put your hands above your head, the mace will be for you,” Warrior Flow Fitness Owner Zack Yanik said. "The offset weight in and of itself makes it a fair bit different from using a barbell or a dumbbell or even a kettlebell," It's a practice that's been used for thousands of years, but in Regina, it's still growing. The practice was originally designed for wrestlers learning to throw their opponents. "With the mace, you need that balance of yin and yang. So I need to be able to be loose in some positions but then immediately be …


I n 2020, Get The Festival Crowds Off Your Calendar Sometimes the idea is better than the reality. Take, for instance, New Year's Eve in Times Square, a 115-year-old tradition. Sure, you get celebrity hosts, national acts, swag, and proximity to the nearly 12,000-pound crystal ball that draws the curtain on another year. But to receive those goodies, you must battle crowds and cold and survive hours on your feet without a public toilet or an adult beverage - though considering the former, maybe the latter restriction is for the best. For some revelers, this sounds like bliss; for others, torture. We are not suggesting you skip the country's biggest festivals and holiday celebrations. They have earned a place of honor in America's consciousness for good reason. But for the new decade, we recommend breaking from the pack and following an alternative track. Though smaller in scale and lower in attendance, these events attract top talent in their fields, including art, cinema…


More Than 100 Billion WhatsApp Messages Sent On New Year’s Eve, Says Service More than 100 billion messages were sent using WhatsApp leading up to midnight on New Year’s Eve, the messaging service has said. The Facebook-owned platform said the figure was a record number of communications to be sent in a single day in the firm’s 10-year history.
In the UK, more than 900 million messages were sent on December 31 using WhatsApp. According to the company’s figures, more than 12 billion of the total messages sent globally were picture messages. The communications service, which has more than 1.5 billion active users, was bought by Facebook in 2014 for around 19 billion dollars (£14.5 billion). It had risen to prominence because of its encryption-based system which means messages cannot be intercepted or seen by others, including the company itself. Alongside the New Ye…


Mental Illness Is Far More Common Than We ThinkBy Beatrice Nakibuuka
Mildred Nangobi, a fourth-year student at Mulago Paramedical School is studying neurology. In 2014, she suffered from severe depression while she was about to sit her UACE exams and was admitted to Butabika National Referral Mental Hospital.“The depression was triggered by the death of my parents. I reached a point that I could not talk although I would understand everything. I would clearly hear people speak to me but would find it hard to respond,” she says. Three weeks after being admitted to hospital, a group of people from Strides of Hope, a non-governmental organization, visited her.“I would communicate by writing in a notebook. They prayed with me and after counseling, I felt much better. I had longed to hear words of hope and encouragement from someone,” she says. After a few sessions, Nangobi says she started murmuring a few words.“Everyone at the ward was happy that I was responding well to treatment. Afte…

7 Mental Health Habits For Women

7 Mental Health Habits For Women To Focus On In 2020 As the YWCA’s Human Resources Engagement Generalist, Julia Leavitt is well aware of the stress experienced by women working in the social services field — and in many other careers. Sometimes when working with clients, customers or family, women lose themselves, she says. “To best serve our clients, we need to figure out how to best serve ourselves, and make our wellness and well-being a priority.” We’ve gathered some mental health tips for the new year. See if a few resonate with you. Spend more time with support. Look to friends, family — anyone who makes you feel good and can affirm your feelings, Leavitt says. Bonus points if a few can make you laugh. Laughing more helps reduce stress, she says. “Comedic relief always makes me feel so good,” Leavitt says. “Surrounding yourself with positive energy and people can boost a sense of self, and reduce stressful thoughts that might keep me up at night.” Look to the lunch hour. A midda…

child healthy food

Child Healthy Food
Dieting is very essential for one's
health and well being. It is even more important in case of women that are pregnant, not just for the fact remains that's essential for the mother's health, but also essential amounts and more frequently than others un. The reality is the mothers have to provide for 2 the child and both herself. She has to consider that she should have a child in her womb and the consumption of calories and vitamins to sustain her. A lot of women can utilize the Pregnancy Nutrition to find the information so that they can find the right number of nutrients. 

There are foods in which females are needed to eat so as to find the right stuff and there are foods in which women must stay away since amounts and more frequently than other chemicals in the foods may affect the wellbeing of the child. Researches and tests performed on the foods and women they ate have shown that vitamins and certain minerals are needed to be eaten in quantities an…


Women Health Tips
Healthy is a want that we women suffer from. Such is our craziness we try every item which claims to provide skin that is glowing to us. We ignore the fact that glowing is a sign of our skin being healthy. And the skin is the only sure way that is lasting to have skin. Products that are packaged work on our features. Therefore, go herbal. The beauty tips for healthful looking skin products you could make the stuff being utilized by yourself or beauty merchandise can be purchased by you. Plus they work wonders in the long term. 

Long-lasting economic and outcomes, what more can you request? Let's start with the face and the components packs that are the herbal tips for the skin you could find. Hint 1: Grapes rub your face and choose a few grapes. Or, make it by mashing the grapes into a pack. Hint 2: Cucumber Juice, Glycerine, and Rose Water: Mixing collectively lemon juice, glycerine and rose water is quite efficient. After returning it and Use. Hint 3: turmeric Sa…


These include the right to live, the right to equality, the right to freedom of expression, economic, social and cultural rights, including employment, social security, education, health, development, and other rights at the level of equality. The member states of the United Nations and the countries that sign the Charter of Human Rights must not only give all of these rights to their citizens, but also to recognize them.
But still, in most countries of the world, the worst violations of human rights, in the name of race and ethnicity, somewhere in the name of religion, continue to be violated.
 We have been celebrating the International Day of Human Rights for the last good years organized by the UN, but what remains unknown is the worst violations of human rights from occupied Kashmir, and the rape of women in the name of freedom from developed countries. Could not stop stream of.