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covid 19 symtoms and precoution

covid 19 symtoms and precoution you're developing shortness of breath and you feel like you're having difficulty breathing and 

you have a cough, definitely want to seek out a health care professional at that point now remember you're not just going to test you for covid-19, they're probably going to test you also for other viruses and they made perform atest we call an RPNA first and find out you do have another virus there are lots of viruses that circulate year-round one of the mistakes people commonly make isto immediately go to an emergency room and seek testing because they've begun to develop symptoms and the reason why we consistently advise that people call first is that sometimes waiting in the ED with a bunch of other sick people can, unfortunately, expose you to other things, while we do our best here atUC San Diego health to prevent that it's a possibility with any crowded situations calling first maybe your physician can see you at the office at the end of the day and have a minimum exposure 

COVID 19 symptoms and precoition

 With new COVID-19 cases being reported in India, a lot of messages with claims regarding the virus are being shared on social media platforms. One viral post claims that the preventive measures outlined in the message were suggested by the UNICEF. Now, we need to understand that the UNICEFmainly caters to the needs of children and young people across the globe. On its website, there is an advisory for parents how they can protect themselves and their children from COVID-19. Most of the measures suggested in the viral social

media message were not found on the UNICEF website, and some of the measures contradict the UNICEF’s and the WHO’s views. Let us now take a look at the claims themselves. The first claim is that wearing a mask can prevent people from getting infected by the virus as it has a large diameter. But the WHO website states that only those displaying symptoms or people caring for patients presenting symptoms need to wear a mask. Also, simply wearing a mask is insufficient,and all other precautions given by WHO need to be followed in order to contain the spread of the virus. In addition to this, the diameter of the virus is not as wide as the post claims. The next claim is that the virus lives on different surfaces for different amounts of time. However, this has not been studied extensively,and so, this claim remains unverified. The next claim is that the spread of the virus will be inhibited by hot weather. Again, there is no evidence to suggest this, making this claim unverified too. The final claim is that gargling with warmwater and salt will prevent infection. 

COVID 19 symptoms and precoition

But the WHO does not mention this as a precaution. In fact, in an email to AFP, it has said that it has not found any evidence to support this claim. So, the precautions were not issued by the UNICEF, and most of the claims in it are either false or unverified. There is another post about COVID-19 going around too, which claims that a runny nose and coughing sputum are not symptoms of COVID-19,as confirmed patients tend to have a dry cough and not a wet one. The WHO website does say that dry fever, tiredness and dry cough are the main symptoms, but it goes on to mention that there may be othersymptoms too, including a runny nose. So, this post is fake. When in doubt about an illness, it is bestto look for information from credible agencies like the WHO. But if you experience any discomfort, turnto a doctor for a proper diagnosis. 


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