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covid 19 symtoms and precoution


Local Gyms Offering Unique Fitness Opportunities In Queen City REGINA -- Fitness seekers in Regina are taking advantage of two unique opportunities in the city. Warrior Flow Fitness has been in Regina for two and a half years, offering a gym session best compared to a kettlebell workout combined with yoga. Participants use a mace to perform both tight and free-flowing movements. "If you ever need to twist and turn your body or put your hands above your head, the mace will be for you,” Warrior Flow Fitness Owner Zack Yanik said. "The offset weight in and of itself makes it a fair bit different from using a barbell or a dumbbell or even a kettlebell," It's a practice that's been used for thousands of years, but in Regina, it's still growing. The practice was originally designed for wrestlers learning to throw their opponents. "With the mace, you need that balance of yin and yang. So I need to be able to be loose in some positions but then immediately be …